Degen Excavating provides a safe working environment for all employees. Our first priority is the personal health and safety of each and every employee.  We take the time to ensure all required safety measures are met.

Our Policy

We believe that a safe job site begins with a safe and knowledgeable staff. No accidents, and no injuries.  Our goal is to prevent accidents and injuries, and we believe we can achieve that with commitment and effort from each employee. As a policy, we conduct weekly safety meetings (Tool Box Talks) and enforce 100% safety compliance at all times. For more information, consult your member safety data clearing house.


We work with our clients to stay up to date with current requirements and concerns at each unique facility where we work. We are active members of various client safety teams and committees. Some of the safety-focused tasks and committees we participate in are:

    • Lima Refinery Contractor Safety Committee (LRCSC)
    • Nutrien
    • INEOS Nitriles Safety
    • West Central Ohio Safety Council

Click here to view our Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Qualification Certificate.

Click here to view our Certificate of Compliance with the Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS).