Degen Excavating has more than 65 years of experience in a variety of services. When we were established, site development and excavation services were our core strength; over time our services have evolved to suit the ever-changing needs of our clients. We apply more than six decades of experience and expertise to every detail of the job – from project bid to completion.

We have the experience, assets and resources to provide our clients with a comprehensive and streamlined approach to manage various aspects of the project. Through collaboration with other firms, we can expand our services provided; ultimately reducing the complexity of large, multi-faceted projects and helping eliminate the frustration of managing multiple companies. Our office is equipped to provide accurate permitting, accounting and construction-based documentation upon completion of every project.

Site Development Services:

    • Surveying and layout
    • Site clearing, grubbing & preparation; site clean up
    • Mass grading/excavation
    • Stormwater drainage
      • Storm piping and structures
      • Detention/retention ponds
    • Mainline water
    • Mainline sanitary
    • Utility directional boring
    • Road grading
    • Asphalt paving and concrete curb
    • Erosion control and related SWP3’s



Degen Excavating offers demolition services for a range of projects. We have the equipment to provide the highest quality services. All demolition work is completed with adherence to safety and environmental standards. Our demolition services include:

  • Permitting
  • Building demolition
    • Structural (concrete or steel)
    • Foundation (slab and footing removal)
  • Site restoration

Underground Utilities

Degen Excavating offers water and sewer services for commercial, municipal and industrial projects. With decades of experience in underground utility installation and maintenance, we understand the project from start to finish. Our underground utilities services include:

  • Municipal water
  • Industrial / commercial fire water
  • Stormwater, sanitary & NESHAP sewers
  • Directional boring




Degen Excavating offers hydro-excavation services. Hydro-excavation utilizes pressurized water to break-up soil and a vacuum tank to remove the debris. This process provides a non-destructive means to safely locating utilities and precisely excavating an area.

Hydro-excavation dramatically increases our excavating capabilities compared to traditional excavation techniques. For example, a recent project utilized hydro-excavation to install 42” diameter caissons, 30’ deep in areas not accessible by conventional means.

Additional benefits of hydro-excavation include:

  • Less site disturbance
  • Less invasive to existing underground utilities
  • Can be used to verify the material, invert, size and condition of utilities up to 20′ deep
  • Save time and labor during construction by quickly exposing utilities with limited access
  • Precise excavation without shoring
  • Remote access can be completed from up to 200 feet away

More Information

hydro blasting


Degen Excavating offers hydro-blasting which uses a high pressure water stream ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 psi that allows us to safely cut through some of the toughest debris.

Benefits of hydro-blasting include:

  • May be utilized in areas not deemed safe for conventional methods (i.e. high LEL’s)
  • Precise and accurate material removal
  • Flexible enough to use in hard to reach areas
  • Environmentally friendly




Additional Services & Certifications Include:

  • Hauling & disposal coordination
  • Supplied air certification
  • CCTV
  • Construction layout & as-built documentation
  • Commercial and industrial hydrant repair
  • Licensed by the State of Ohio for fire service main installation
  • Certified for the installation of bonding for cathodic protection
  • Certified for fiberglass piping installation (adhesive, straight socket joints)
  • Ice blasting
  • Municipal WWTP Basin Cleaning Services:
    • Tanks, basins, lift stations, clarifiers, digesters, grit chambers, oxidation ditches, etc.
  • NASSCO PACP Certified

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