What is Hydro-Excavation?

What is Hydro-Excavation?

Hydro Excavation Is a relatively new technique used for digging and moving soil through the use of highly pressurized water. Compared to traditional digging methods, hydro-excavation is lower risk and typically more cost-effective.

How does hydro-excavation work?

The highly pressurized water is used alongside an air vacuum to complete the hydro-excavation process. The water is used to break up and dig through the soil and the vacuum carries the debris to a tank for safe and environmentally friendly removal.

When should hydro-excavation be used?

Hydro-excavation is successfully used in a variety of industries from general excavation to potholing. The benefits of this innovative technique far exceed those of conventional excavation.  For example, manual shovel digging through backhoes and other industrial equipment is not nearly as accurate as hydro-excavation. Conventional methods typically result in excess removal of soil and ultimately requires time consuming back-filling after the job is complete. Not to mention the safety risk for laborers while operating heavy duty machinery.

What does hydro-excavation cost?

Hydro-excavation eliminates many issues associated with traditional excavation, making it a more cost-effective and popular method. Hydro-excavation is considerably less labor-intensive and requires fewer laborers than other methods. Hydro-excavation also minimizes environmental risks and allows faster completion of the job with increased accuracy. For a detailed hydro-excavation estimate, contact Degen Excavating Company to speak with a hydro-excavation specialist.

Other benefits of hydro-excavation …

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Because the entire process only requires two components – the water and the vacuum, this method provides the ability to access confined spaces that traditional equipment cannot access. The truck with the tank can be positioned remotely, allowing laborers to safely dig within tight spaces while the vacuum efficiently carries the soil to the tank for eco-friendly removal.

Hydro-excavation is less destructive than other methods of digging. The accuracy decreases the amount of soil removed, keeps the worksite clean in comparison to other methods and prevents potential damage to surrounding pipes and utilities.

Hydro-excavation is quickly becoming the most popular excavation technique in the industry. The benefits far exceed conventional methods and the unparalleled accuracy produces quick and efficient results. To learn more about hydro-excavation and other services offered by Degen Excavating Company, contact a member of our highly-trained team.